Accident in New Jersey: School Bus vs Dump Truck

It came across my newfeed on Facebook this morning that a school bus and a dump truck got in a bit of a tangle on I-80 up in New Jersey.   At last report I saw 2 people killed, and 43 injured.

Which brings us to the discussion of seat belts and safety.  Just about every state I’ve heard of in the last 20 years has laws regarding using seatbelts in motor vehicles.  Whether school buses are included in this, I am not aware one way or the other (it varies by state). Though when I looked closer I saw a remark that said New Jersey’s one of six states that requires school buses to have seat belts installed.

Are there seat belts present, for one, and actually keeping kids safe in the school bus, for two?  Are the kids on the bus able (and willing) to get themselves and each other out of said belts in event of an accident like today’s?  What if the belts can’t be undone by the kids, and need to be cut… and the adults on board died in the accident?

Also not all kids are capable of undoing their own belts… say they have motor issues, and their hands don’t work right?  Or they’re too young to know how to undo the belts?  Or perhaps they’re challenged in other ways.  Do belts in school buses do more harm than good?

Round and round the discussion goes, both for belts and against.   Are kids safer or not?  I would say it depends on the exact situation, whether they’re a good thing or not.

Now we come to the accident itself.  Just exactly what happened, to throw the passenger cabin off the chassis entirely?  And could the accident have been prevented in the first place?  Was it driver error, or something else?

I’m praying for the victims and their families, as well as everyone else involved.

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Barnful of Puzzles!

While browsing around some Albums in plastic canvas groups I’m in on Facebook, I came across this darling barn.  In which 4 different animal puzzles are stored.

I have two of the four finished right now, the others are on their way.  To the left is a pig… doesn’t he look full of mischief?  To the right is a chicken… she looks like she’s ready to chase some chicks.

Uncompleted are a cow and a horse.

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Hippity Hop… Easter’s Coming!

Catching that bunny on Sunday April 1st, looks like… Hope he delivers a bunch of candy that you like!  Also eggs… colored or not.

Who had fun coloring eggs as a kid?

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Spring? Is it really on its way?

I’ve seen so many weather reports lately about snow, snow and more snow… in places where its supposed to be warming up.  Wrecks on highways in whiteout conditions… nobody’s fault but the weather.

One picture showed a trucker’s trailer crumpled like an aluminum can… icy highway, and he was on the shoulder… someone drives along side him, and the whole side of the trailer gets peeled off.   Who’s fault would this be?  The guy on the shoulder, the guy driving by?  Neither… the weather, since the highway they were on was icy.

Drive safe out there, folks… and stay warm!

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Valentine’s Snow…

First snow I’ve seen all year, where I’m at.  Just two days before Valentine’s Day.  Isn’t this weather supposed to be in late December or January?

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Wintertime… What Fun…

Yes I’m being sarcastic.  So far the only fun thing I’ve seen about winter is being able to play in white fluffy powdery snow.  Trouble is, that kind is rarely around for long.

Snow has this nasty habit of melting… then freezing again… turns to slush, mud and ice.  Depending on the area someone’s in, it might not stick around long enough to do more than mess up windshields and make the streets mucky for a few hours.

And cold… If its too cold, it doesn’t snow at all, it sleets instead… and sleet is what’s more commonly known these days as freezing rain, or raining ice.  Either that or no precipitation at all, just bone chilling cold.

Makes me glad I’m not living under a bridge.

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Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018!

Hopefully this year will be better and more profitable than last year.

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New Product Up: Chickens Coasters!

Plastic canvas chickens to cluck around and peck up all the drink rings off tables!

Now in the Shop and available for purchase!

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Nomad Life Part 4: The Holidays

How does one celebrate holidays living in a vehicle, with space at a premium?

A tiny tree, maybe, sitting on a dash… or an ornament suspended from the rear view mirror?  Is it new every year, or a gift held for ages, lovingly tucked away in a drawer in memory of times past?

And gifts… are gifts exchanged at all?  Perhaps small necessities to make life a bit easier, or brighter… something to commemorate the giver?

Does the vehicle dweller in question live alone, or with a significant other?  How about pets?  They’re part of the family too, of course.

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Nomad Life: Part 3 – Vehicle Dweller or Homeless?

Do you live in a pickup, or a van?  Maybe a motor home?  Something other than a fixed structure like a house or apartment?  Depending on your local laws, you could very well be considered to be as homeless as someone curled up on the sidewalk without any shelter at all.  Heck, in some places even people living in transient motels are considered homeless.

Wintertime is a bad time to be without shelter, of whatever type.  My joints still hurt 25 years later, after a winter outside without blankets.  No vehicle, mind you; groves of trees and stands of grass were what my ex decided were appropriate places to sleep.  Always moving around, no place the same two nights in a row.  There’s more than one reason he’s an ex.

I would rather have had a van back then, or even a small car.  A home of some type, out of the elements.  A way to get somewhere warmer, out of the cold and snow.  Or heat, in the summer.  Though I could easily have done without the ex.

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