Nomad Life: Videos on Youtube

Right now I’m paging through my Vanlife channels.  Its interesting to see how the people deal with being on the road.   Some travel alone, most travel in small groups, occasionally there’s a larger group.  The larger groups break up into smaller ones sooner or later; not everybody wants to go the same direction, after all.

Some people discuss their income, where it comes from and how much they spend, as well as what they spend it on.  Others discuss camp sites, dealing with police, gear they carry.  Occasionally there’s a tour of their rig.

One I watched a bit ago was of a couple in a bus.  They were in Santa Clara, I think it was, and an officer knocks on their door and hands over a survey on homelessness.  If you live in a vehicle you aren’t homeless, you’re houseless.  Homeless is without shelter from the elements… the vehicle is shelter.

Another video was about YouTube channels, and how much the people with various channels made from advertising.  Man, I need a YouTube channel!

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