Nomad Life: Income (or lack thereof)

One thing about nomad life… You don’t want to live this way flat broke.  Some how, some way, you need some sort of income, be it retirement benefits, collecting recycling, a YouTube channel with a Patreon, or whatever.

Say its November… its snowing.   Your vehicle’s broken down… you need a new fuel pump, for example.  How are you going to pay for the fuel pump if you lack income?  Where are you going to stay while your vehicle’s being fixed?  From personal experience I can testify that sleeping in the snow is no picnic, especially without enough blankets or weather proofing.

Eating… This can be done without money, at least in places they have one or more soup kitchens.  That being said, does the kitchen serve daily?  Is the location a relatively safe one, that nobody’s going to hassle you for being there, or mess with your vehicle while its not occupied?

Washing…. This one can be problematic, if the area doesn’t have showers in a homeless shelter, nor do you have one in your vehicle.  And what about that snow?  Could you keep the vehicle warm enough to wash in?  Also where would you get your toiletries from, not to mention a clean towel?  Last homeless shelter I was in didn’t supply these items, you had to come up with your own.

Public restroom facilities… These are getting few and far between, in the last few years, I’ve noticed.  So unless you carry around a bucket or something in your vehicle, it might be a bit of a problem as well.  Not to mention finding a place to dump the bucket that isn’t going to get you arrested if caught.

Laundry… This is another item that takes money, especially if you’re in an urban area.  Carrying enough water to do laundry’s an idea, but where would you dump the bucket when you were done?  Or hang the clothes to dry?  You don’t want them stolen, either.

I could go on, but you get the point.  Having income of some type would solve any and all of these issues.

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