Accident in New Jersey: School Bus vs Dump Truck

It came across my newfeed on Facebook this morning that a school bus and a dump truck got in a bit of a tangle on I-80 up in New Jersey.   At last report I saw 2 people killed, and 43 injured.

Which brings us to the discussion of seat belts and safety.  Just about every state I’ve heard of in the last 20 years has laws regarding using seatbelts in motor vehicles.  Whether school buses are included in this, I am not aware one way or the other (it varies by state). Though when I looked closer I saw a remark that said New Jersey’s one of six states that requires school buses to have seat belts installed.

Are there seat belts present, for one, and actually keeping kids safe in the school bus, for two?  Are the kids on the bus able (and willing) to get themselves and each other out of said belts in event of an accident like today’s?  What if the belts can’t be undone by the kids, and need to be cut… and the adults on board died in the accident?

Also not all kids are capable of undoing their own belts… say they have motor issues, and their hands don’t work right?  Or they’re too young to know how to undo the belts?  Or perhaps they’re challenged in other ways.  Do belts in school buses do more harm than good?

Round and round the discussion goes, both for belts and against.   Are kids safer or not?  I would say it depends on the exact situation, whether they’re a good thing or not.

Now we come to the accident itself.  Just exactly what happened, to throw the passenger cabin off the chassis entirely?  And could the accident have been prevented in the first place?  Was it driver error, or something else?

I’m praying for the victims and their families, as well as everyone else involved.

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