Nomad Life: Part 3 – Vehicle Dweller or Homeless?

Do you live in a pickup, or a van?  Maybe a motor home?  Something other than a fixed structure like a house or apartment?  Depending on your local laws, you could very well be considered to be as homeless as someone curled up on the sidewalk without any shelter at all.  Heck, in some places even people living in transient motels are considered homeless.

Wintertime is a bad time to be without shelter, of whatever type.  My joints still hurt 25 years later, after a winter outside without blankets.  No vehicle, mind you; groves of trees and stands of grass were what my ex decided were appropriate places to sleep.  Always moving around, no place the same two nights in a row.  There’s more than one reason he’s an ex.

I would rather have had a van back then, or even a small car.  A home of some type, out of the elements.  A way to get somewhere warmer, out of the cold and snow.  Or heat, in the summer.  Though I could easily have done without the ex.

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