Fall is here… Happy Halloween!

Fall is here, which means harvest festivals, pumpkin patches, and Halloween.  Kids have been back to school now for awhile, and they’re likely getting anxious for a break.  I know I did, at this time of year.  Though we didn’t get a break until Christmas, where we had 2 weeks solid off.

Trick or treat, pumpkins on porches, candy in bowls at the door.  Adults answering in costumes, children going through neighborhoods with parents in tow.  Scary decorations festooning the walls… usually indoors these days, I’ve noticed.

Chilly, blustery days, golden leaves falling from trees, Jack Frost nipping at the windows, snow’s just around the corner.  Make sure that snow blower’s maintained, and fuel it up so its ready to go as soon as that first snow falls.  Chains on the tires, tools in the trunk, just in case you happen to get stuck.  Or if you’re like me, have a snow shovel or two handy, as well as an extra pair of hands to help with the shoveling.

Happy Halloween!

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