Back to School…

Traditionally, in late July and August people started thinking about the kids going back to school.  Whether its elementary school, high school or college makes no difference, the first Tuesday in September after Labor Day was the first day of school.

Weather cooling off, crops from summer gardens are in, school supplies and clothes being chosen and bought.  Teachers waiting to instruct kids who might only be there because they’re told to be… or not knowing how important an education is to whatever they choose to do later on in life.

Once in awhile, though, there comes along a special kid, one who’s determined to get out of whatever situation they’re currently in, who has distinct goals in life and a path to get there.  Sometimes said path takes detours, but that’s life.  Things don’t work out one way, try another, until there is success.

Success… slippery word, that.  Just what is success?  That depends on who is asking, since success means different things to everyone.  Also each person takes a different road to get to their own success.

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