Valentine’s Snow…

First snow I’ve seen all year, where I’m at.  Just two days before Valentine’s Day.  Isn’t this weather supposed to be in late December or January?

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Wintertime… What Fun…

Yes I’m being sarcastic.  So far the only fun thing I’ve seen about winter is being able to play in white fluffy powdery snow.  Trouble is, that kind is rarely around for long.

Snow has this nasty habit of melting… then freezing again… turns to slush, mud and ice.  Depending on the area someone’s in, it might not stick around long enough to do more than mess up windshields and make the streets mucky for a few hours.

And cold… If its too cold, it doesn’t snow at all, it sleets instead… and sleet is what’s more commonly known these days as freezing rain, or raining ice.  Either that or no precipitation at all, just bone chilling cold.

Makes me glad I’m not living under a bridge.

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Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018!

Hopefully this year will be better and more profitable than last year.

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New Product Up: Chickens Coasters!

Plastic canvas chickens to cluck around and peck up all the drink rings off tables!

Now in the Shop and available for purchase!

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Nomad Life Part 4: The Holidays

How does one celebrate holidays living in a vehicle, with space at a premium?

A tiny tree, maybe, sitting on a dash… or an ornament suspended from the rear view mirror?  Is it new every year, or a gift held for ages, lovingly tucked away in a drawer in memory of times past?

And gifts… are gifts exchanged at all?  Perhaps small necessities to make life a bit easier, or brighter… something to commemorate the giver?

Does the vehicle dweller in question live alone, or with a significant other?  How about pets?  They’re part of the family too, of course.

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Nomad Life: Part 3 – Vehicle Dweller or Homeless?

Do you live in a pickup, or a van?  Maybe a motor home?  Something other than a fixed structure like a house or apartment?  Depending on your local laws, you could very well be considered to be as homeless as someone curled up on the sidewalk without any shelter at all.  Heck, in some places even people living in transient motels are considered homeless.

Wintertime is a bad time to be without shelter, of whatever type.  My joints still hurt 25 years later, after a winter outside without blankets.  No vehicle, mind you; groves of trees and stands of grass were what my ex decided were appropriate places to sleep.  Always moving around, no place the same two nights in a row.  There’s more than one reason he’s an ex.

I would rather have had a van back then, or even a small car.  A home of some type, out of the elements.  A way to get somewhere warmer, out of the cold and snow.  Or heat, in the summer.  Though I could easily have done without the ex.

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Christmas Shipping Deadline

The last day I’ll ship something ordered for Christmas is the 15th of December.

There are always shipping delays of one type or another this time of year, and I want the packages to have the best chance of making it to their destinations in time for the holiday.

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New Product Up: Chess Set

Chess set now in the shop as well… fully playable, yet decorative at the same time!

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New Product Up: Building Logs!

Now I seem to have forgotten (if I ever knew) how to put a proper link in a post.  So head on over to the Shop and check out the Building Logs!

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Nomad Life: Part 2

Seasons as a nomad.  Each one has its own challenges.

First off, winter, since we’re either headed into it or already there, depending on location.  If you’re on foot, you’re out in the cold, slogging through snow.  Sometimes fluffy white snow, other times hard and crunchy more akin to ice.  In a vehicle you’re at least inside, though a set of snow chains don’t go amiss this time of year, as well as driving slow and careful.  Watch out for black ice at any time, however.  And sleet, sheets of glare ice that send vehicles careening if their drivers aren’t extremely careful.  Someone on foot would be smart to stay inside if at all possible when its sleeting.

Maybe a trip to Arizona in the wintertime?  Nice and warm down there, or so I hear.

Next, spring.  The snow has turned to slush and muck, slippery and muddy.  On foot, its miserable and cold.  Hiding under bushes and in groves of trees to attempt to stay even half way dry.  The temperature might be higher than in winter, but its still bone chilling cold, especially if you have to sleep outside.  Vehicles still need to drive slow and careful, though the snow chains may no longer be necessary.  Don’t get rid of them though; there’s always next year.  As it warms up more, the ground thaws out and it isn’t quite as miserable outside.  People start planting gardens this time of year, though too early and the young plants still get frost bit at night.

On to summer.  Hot, hot, and more hot.  You’re more likely to hang out in the shade rather than full sun like winter or spring, otherwise you’ll overheat.  Well insulated vehicles with fans going are a great benefit… also driving to where its cooler than, say, Arizona in May.  Last time I was there it was 125F in the shade…. I about passed out walking from the truck to a store for a soda.  And I was thanking any and all gods I could think of that the a/c worked without a problem.

Summertime, getting and staying cool and hydrated is the main issue.  Rain is a benefit, whether a short downpour or slow drizzle over the course of days.  Shade is always a good thing, especially when you have to be outside for a long period of time.  Carrying drinks is a must, though you do want to avoid sodas; sugary drinks just make you more thirsty.

Summer’s the time a nomad wants to head north, where its cooler.

Lastly, fall.  Or autumn, as its also referred to.  About the reverse of spring, temperature drops, nights get colder, urging people to go inside and otherwise figure out how to get and stay warm.  Mucky slushy wanna-be snow, finding ways to stay out of same… time to head south again, just not so early in the season that you fry instead of being comfortably warm.

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